Project Overview

The City of University City, Missouri has been awarded a $315,687 grant for “Parkview Gardens: A Sustainable and Accessible Neighborhood” to create a redevelopment and sustainability plan for the Parkview Gardens area of the City that will be leveraged with $317,813 in local cash and in-kind contributions.

This project will expand upon recent planning efforts in the Parkview Gardens area. The City and area stakeholders recognized that Parkview Gardens was in need of fundamental revitalization, so in February 2009 the City initiated a partnership with Washington University in St. Louis and the Parkview Gardens Association to undertake a long-range design and implementation plan for the three municipal parks in the Parkview Gardens neighborhood.

The Parkview Gardens Association is comprised of landlords, business owners and residents of the area. It has been working to maintain and enhance the neighborhood for more than 28 years and has bought and renovated over 20 buildings in the area. A special tax on local property owners and businesses, administered by two Special Business Districts, pays for these neighborhood improvements.

There are several interrelated issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure the sustainability of the Parkview Gardens neighborhood:

  1. a lack of neighborhood connectivity
  2. a need for additional affordable housing
  3. a need to improve the quality of existing open spaces so that they can be better utilized for both recreation and transportation


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