Housing Studies by Washington University School of Architecture & Urban Design

As part of the Vision for Parkview Gardens Sustainability Planning process, students from the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design at Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts have been tasked with the design of progressive, energy-efficient, ecologically-sound, housing prototypes for infill and new development opportunities in the Parkview Gardens neighborhood.

After careful neighborhood analysis and consultation with project stakeholders, each student has made an initial design proposal for an individual housing typology – a townhome, 2-flat, 3-flat, or garden apartment – informed by the existing neighborhood scale, context and the on-going Sustainablity Plan for Parkview Gardens. Each prototype has been developed with a particular site in mind for the sake of this exercise, but the designs are intended to begin to demonstrate strategies for adaptation for solar orientation and other climatic conditions, unit aggregation and internal variations.

Careful attention is being paid to project economics and proposals are being informed by a professional market analysis conducted as part of the planning process. Each prototype is striving to reach LEED platinum certification, the highest level of “green” certification bestowed by the USGBC and is carefully considering material usage, energy efficiency, water and resource management, indoor air quality and sustainable site strategies. 

Designs are being developed to the point that fixed cost estimates can be developed and financing options can be determined. The student designers are seeking public feedback on the designs to aid in the continued design process.

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