Walk/Bike Audit

At the Parkview Gardens Walk/Bike Audit, more than 50 people gathered to survey the streets of the Parkview Gardens neighborhood. The walk/bike audit began with a presentation about the benefits of walkable streets and design features that enhance walkability. Participants learned about the connection between the physical conditions of a neighborhood and its influence on individuals’ ability to live active and healthy lives. After this training, the participants were then given an overview of the walkability/bikeability checklist to fill out for their assigned audit areas. Ten teams (of three to six people each) participated in the walk and bike audit.

The results of the walk/bike audit will support the broader Parkview Gardens Sustainable Plan, and can further be used to support policy changes such as Streetscape Design Guidelines or infrastructure improvements such as adding curb ramps and bicycle lanes. When codified, such changes can dramatically enhance pedestrian comfort. The walk/bike audit helped educate community stakeholders regarding pedestrian and bicycle issues which will help policy changes come about through community support.

Read the entire Walk/Bike Audit Results Report (pdf)